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Our Farm, Your Family

Murchison Farm has been in our family for 150 years. Our great-grandfather had dairy cows and sheep. My grandfather converted it to a dairy farm and when he retired my father took over. After my father passed away in 1992, my mother kept the farm operating for a few more years. My sister, my brother-in-law, my husband and I converted the dairy farm into a Black Angus beef farm. We have grown and now have approximately 60 cattle grazing our pastures!

Over the years, our farm has been a gathering place for our family. We have enjoyed hosting family events, friends, and our children’s friends. It was a welcoming place for our college age children to entertain their friends. In fact, my niece became engaged in 2019 to a wonderful man she met at a social gathering on the farm! It was her wish to get married here. That was when our planning began. Our beautiful barn and the landscaping is now complete! We think it is breathtaking, especially with the rolling hills, pastures and ponds.


Our family has worked diligently to make this venue a special place. Everyone has been hands-on with the planning, decision making, and manual labor! It is our hope and dream to be able to share the results of our vision and hard work with others.

Robin Cockerham

Owner, Murchison Farms

Hayfield Event Staff

Credit: Becca Rizzo Photography

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